My Handiwork

5 04 2011

Springtime means color and new life! Fresh beginnings and warmer days. I loooove it! I adore flowers and the clean air that blows through my apartment. Its so much happier than winter.

I like to make my apartment different from all the others with welcome mats and wreaths. Working at a florist/coffee shop is definitely an inspiration, but I can’t afford all those beautiful things. So, I decided to put together my own wreath. After lots of shopping and flower matching and hot glue and wire cutting, this is my very colorful, perfect-for-me springtime wreath!

I’ll make you one if you want. 😉



29 03 2011

I know the other day I was so excited about warmer weather and spring being here. I had a great time exploring and snapping some pictures of springtime. The crazy thing is, there was snow on the ground when I got up yesterday morning! I hope the cold weather doesn’t kill the flowers that are out now!

I was thinking today is the perfect day for posting these pictures. We were fooled with a few weeks of warmer weather, so here’s to bring some spring back into your step.

Even though its Monday and its cold out–happy spring!

Springtime is here!

25 03 2011

I’ve been researching and reading reviews for the past week and I’ve been dying! The early spring flowers have been out for a few weeks and I can’t wait to take those beautiful macro shots that I dream about. Well, I am currently using my stock lens on my camera and I would love the Nikon Telephoto AF Micro-Nikkor 105mm f/2.8 ED-IF AF-S VR AF lens! But, seeing as how I’m not extremely rich at this moment, I decided to venture out this afternoon to take advantage of the overcast day. Boy am I excited how some of these shots turned out! As I fiddle around with my camera and learn how to use it, I’m learning to be more ok with my stock lens because part of the problem was me!

I’ll post more pictures on here later. I couldn’t help but post this one now as I started uploading them!

….do you think if I did a puppy face my wonderful husband would buy me a micro lens? 😉 I’m pretty sure I have the worst puppy face of all time…