Permission to Dream

6 03 2013

As I scan my blog I am disappointed in myself for the sporadic postings and the amount of time since I posted last. I remind myself of the illness I’ve been fighting for a year and a half, but I am still discouraged. When I got sick, so much in my life fell by the wayside. The most important thing to me was making it through each day. But I have come far and I am so thankful for the Lord’s grace in my life. And I now I have a passion. 

Have you ever experienced something that makes you so completely happy? Something that keeps drawing you back to it, no matter what happens? That’s how photography is to me. I am here again, drawn to this passion and this dream. 

I have been observing people. My coworkers that are graduating and heading off to pursue their dreams. They can go anywhere and do exactly what they want. And they believe it wholeheartedly. The blogs I visit online where people take the plunge and follow their dreams, even if other people think they’re crazy. But here I am, terrified. I spend hours online looking at graduate and professional schools in my field. It seems safe. Known. Familiar. Less terrifying. The kind of career path that parents would be happy to brag on. But then there’s this thing. It keeps coming back and drawing me in. And I can’t move forward without giving it a shot. Why is it that everyone else I see is so fearless and so ready to pursue their dreams? Why do they believe they can do it and I don’t believe I can? 

So here it is…I want to be a photographer. I want to give it a shot. I want to at least say I tried. Because that is what makes me completely happy. And today I give myself permission to pursue this dream. 


The Value of a Photo

5 01 2012

This blog post has been circulating quickly, but I thought I would share it as well. It is from fototails photography.

What an incredibly sad story, but also what a reminder that life is short and fragile. Today is what memories are made of and we may not have tomorrow.

Yes, its been forever!

10 12 2011

Hey blog follwers that may still be there! Its been absolutely forever since I’ve written. I got off on this studying for the Medical College Admissions Test tangent combined with applying for Med school and being sick. Its no excuse, but here I am looking at my last post from APRIL! My apologies!

I’m taking pictures again and very excited about whats coming soon! Lets just say that there is a lot to catch up on! I hope you’ll stick around to see.

For now, Happy Friday!

Best Friends

23 03 2011

There is something amazing about having a four-legged best friend. Now, I’m not really a cat person, but I have the most adorable puppy (who isn’t really a puppy anymore). She’s been my faithful friend all these years, through good and bad. She still loves me when I come back from a weeks vacation or when I can’t play with her enough.

She’s quite the scardy cat, but when I pulled out her leash to take her on a “roadtrip” two days ago, she was excited! The disappointment for me was that I was taking her to the vet to leave her overnight 2 nights for an ACL surgery. I am heading to pick her up this afternoon and I can’t wait to see her! She’s going to be upset at me for leaving her, but her affection never fails.

If you think of us, she’ll be in recovery for 8 weeks. She’s such a puppy at heart that its going to be hard on her.

Happy Hump Day!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

17 03 2011

First I’d like to say I’ve been absolutely awful about blogging. I am making a St. Patrick’s Day resolution to do better. From here on out I hope this is less of a subconscious though and more of an action. Keep me accountable!

I showed up at work at 6 a.m. this morning decked out in green. Not only do I have on a green blazer, but also earrings, necklaces, “kiss me I’m Irish” socks etc. When the rest of the baristas arrived not a single one of them was wearing green! Needless to say, I shared some of my St. Patrick’s Day love. You see, my family has always celebrated St. Patrick’s Day. We are actually part Irish and my mom makes corned beef and cabbage every year or we are at the nearest Irish pub to enjoy it. I am carrying the tradition on in my new little family. Also, my favorite color is green, so St. Patrick’s Day is definitely one of my favorite holidays.

I hope you haven’t been pinched! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


11 09 2010

My name is Stephanie and I am the head photographer for green glass photography. I am very excited about this new adventure that I am embarking on and I am excited that you will be here to share in my excitement. I have always loved photography and ever since I had my first digital camera I’ve been taking as many pictures as possible. Art is my passion and I love to capture and convey the memorable moments in life.

I am hoping to have the blog up and running in full force soon. Keep checking back for the my latest work!