Favorite Food Addiction

16 04 2011

The clouds rush across the sky and I feel like the whole world is still moving slower than I am. The flowers that appeared in early spring are gone and replaced my different artwork from the hand of God. Is it almost the end of April already?

This week has been crazy! I have been working crazy hours for both jobs and I am officially stressed. Last night instead of heading out swing dancing like we normally do on Thursday nights, Dan and I made cookie dough truffles. Let me just say, they are AH-MAZ-ING! I thought I would post the link on here to inspire anyone who love cookie dough remotely as much as I do!


I have no idea how to make that look pretty and hyperlinked in this blog. I am def learning all this stuff. Boy am I behind on the times! I so wish I had more time to learn blogging, websites, graphics, and camera techniques and editing. I love what I’ve been able to learn, but there’s so much more!

Enjoy your baking!




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