April Fools

2 04 2011

Last year I did great! This year…well, I was disappointed in myself.

Yesterday was April Fools Day. Last year I convinced Dan that someone had hit his new car and left a note. He even called my friend’s number and contemplated about how his voice sounded familiar before even starting to catch on.

This year I attempted to convince him that I got fired and was all upset about it. Needless to say, he wasn’t fooled. I did put vaseline on his car handle, but it sort of backfired on me because he was working on a tile job until after midnight. I stayed there to see his reaction and boy am I old! I’m tired this morning. I got him with the vaseline, but he’s too mellow. 😦 I tried to short sheet the bed, but he just looked confused. haha. Maybe better luck next year!

If anyone has a great April Fools story or awesome prank advice next year, please share! I obviously need some inspiration! I hope someone got you good this April Fools Day!




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