22 04 2011

I’ve been slacking again! This time I have an excuse. I seriously can’t stand Verizon. Our modem was struck by lightening this weekend and they told us we’d have a new one on our doorstep by Tuesday. Well, its Friday and I’m at work blogging because we still don’t have our modem. Hours of phone conversations and we’re still in the same place…Good thing we’re leaving for the Caribbean on Sunday! I’m cutting myself off from social media, my phone etc for the week while we’re gone, so then I’ll really have an excuse to not be blogging.

In the meantime, heres a wonderful, self-photo of Dan and I from the other night when we were up on the mountain after the sunset! …unedited and cheesy flash and all 😉

Hope everyone has a wonderful Good Friday and a blessed Easter. He is risen!


Favorite Food Addiction

16 04 2011

The clouds rush across the sky and I feel like the whole world is still moving slower than I am. The flowers that appeared in early spring are gone and replaced my different artwork from the hand of God. Is it almost the end of April already?

This week has been crazy! I have been working crazy hours for both jobs and I am officially stressed. Last night instead of heading out swing dancing like we normally do on Thursday nights, Dan and I made cookie dough truffles. Let me just say, they are AH-MAZ-ING! I thought I would post the link on here to inspire anyone who love cookie dough remotely as much as I do!

I have no idea how to make that look pretty and hyperlinked in this blog. I am def learning all this stuff. Boy am I behind on the times! I so wish I had more time to learn blogging, websites, graphics, and camera techniques and editing. I love what I’ve been able to learn, but there’s so much more!

Enjoy your baking!

Oh yes! I’m a photographer

11 04 2011

I haven’t been very great about blogging this past week. I spent most of the weekend watching Jasmine Star on creativeLIVE, which was great. Sooo much information to take in all in a few days! She’s so inspirational though.

Today I got my first photography job. Its not really what I imagined I’d be doing, but I am thankful for the opportunity. I am going to be photographing clothes, shoes etc for a company that sells clothes on ebay. Its going to be fun to learn more about lighting and being creative with what I have. One more step to becoming a wedding/portrait photographer.

I’m also really excited that its finally warming up so hopefully I’ll have some pictures of adventures to post soon.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and that your Monday isn’t too bad, as far as Mondays go…

My Handiwork

5 04 2011

Springtime means color and new life! Fresh beginnings and warmer days. I loooove it! I adore flowers and the clean air that blows through my apartment. Its so much happier than winter.

I like to make my apartment different from all the others with welcome mats and wreaths. Working at a florist/coffee shop is definitely an inspiration, but I can’t afford all those beautiful things. So, I decided to put together my own wreath. After lots of shopping and flower matching and hot glue and wire cutting, this is my very colorful, perfect-for-me springtime wreath!

I’ll make you one if you want. 😉

April Fools

2 04 2011

Last year I did great! This year…well, I was disappointed in myself.

Yesterday was April Fools Day. Last year I convinced Dan that someone had hit his new car and left a note. He even called my friend’s number and contemplated about how his voice sounded familiar before even starting to catch on.

This year I attempted to convince him that I got fired and was all upset about it. Needless to say, he wasn’t fooled. I did put vaseline on his car handle, but it sort of backfired on me because he was working on a tile job until after midnight. I stayed there to see his reaction and boy am I old! I’m tired this morning. I got him with the vaseline, but he’s too mellow. 😦 I tried to short sheet the bed, but he just looked confused. haha. Maybe better luck next year!

If anyone has a great April Fools story or awesome prank advice next year, please share! I obviously need some inspiration! I hope someone got you good this April Fools Day!